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Young Kiwi makes history at world duck calling competition

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Ritson Galloway

Ritson Galloway, who began duck calling at the age of three, has also won the New Zealand title for the past two years

Kiwi teenager Ritson Galloway, who is the current New Zealand Live Duck Calling Champion, blitzed the best duck callers from all over the world to become the first Non-American to win at the World Waterfowl calling competition in the US.

The 16-year-old, who became the world junior duck calling champion, had travelled from his hometown in Palmerston North with his father Andy and supporter Warren Smith to compete at World Waterfowl calling competition.

Making the most of the opportunity before him, he entered all individual categories available to him. He just missed the final of the open duck calling competition (open to anyone aged 17 and older) by one point to finish sixth.

After the first round, he led the field, the second round became a tiebreaker, and this is where the Galloway enters the history books.

Keeping up his sleeve his best routine, Galloway executed it perfectly to win the tiebreaker by 200 points and became the first Non-American to be crowned world duck calling champion.

Galloway has won the New Zealand title for the past two years and began duck calling at age three; he started entering competitions when he was nine.

He was also accorded the honour of being “called” off the stage by all of the competitors, an honour normally reserved for the open champion.

Founded in 1976, the calling competition is part of a four-day festival in honour of waterfowl, held annually.

With the US being the world’s stronghold of duck calling, having a Kiwi take out a championship title has been good news in the outdoor community.

The competitors performed in front of more than 600 people plus many thousands watched the event on the Outdoor channel and a live stream.

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