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Book reviews: March 2024

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Book reviews March 24

Pick of the month

Book reviews March 24

Big Little Blue: Double Dipper
Raymond McGrath
Scholastic NZ

When Big and Little Blue – two lovable, lively, and kind-hearted little penguins – hear a cry for help, they are quick to climb to the rescue. Allie the Albatross needs a hug. With three playful stories in each volume, this funny, friendship-filled graphic novel series is a must-have for young readers aged five to
eight years.

Each story is connected by a wellbeing theme and is designed to offer children coping strategies for navigating friendships, understanding emotional responses, and the importance of mindfulness and being yourself.

Raymond McGrath is an award-winning animation director, illustrator, designer, and writer who has been working in children’s television and advertising for around 20 years. In his latest book, he has imbued simple illustrations with bucketloads of character and humour, making it perfect for young readers.

More good reads

Book reviews March 24

What can I bring?
Sophie Hansen
Murdoch Books

The community of food, togetherness, and sharing is at the heart of What Can I Bring? Perfectly packed with recipes for any occasion, sections include Dinner for a camping trip; Things to eat with one hand; Salads that won’t wilt in the heat; and Soup for the thermos.

Bestselling author and beloved country cook Sophie offers seasonally delicious answers to that perennial question, drawing inspiration from some of her favourite country cooks, friends, family, and bring-a-plate traditions.
The common thread of Sophie’s recipes is the community and kindness that binds us. Easy, delicious food for sharing, this is the one cookbook that has you covered for any shared-plate or crowd-pleasing occasion, taking away the stress and panic of that ‘what can I bring’ moment.

Book reviews March 24

The Secrets They Kept
Jenny Lynch
Mary Egan Publishing

Author Jenny Lynch is the 85-year-old former editor of NZ Woman’s Weekly (she has also been an actor, model, and Playboy bunny). After a lifetime of writing non-fiction books, she decided to write her first novel in her 80s.

Haunted by a story from her grandmother about the tragic death of a distant cousin, she was inspired for the plot of The Secrets They Kept – the tale of a young woman’s quest to discover the truth about her mother’s unexplained death, and her own identity.

A compelling read of a young woman on a quest of self-discovery as she tries to unravel long-held secrets.

Book reviews March 24

Reacher: Bad Luck and Trouble
Lee Child
Penguin Randon House

First published in 2007 and republished for the third time is one of Lee Child’s most popular Jack Reacher tales.

This one sees our hero’s small, talented ex-military gang back again to help piece together the reasons for the death of one of their own team.

A couple of nice twists that don’t tax the brain too much happen along the way, and of course, the bad guys pay in the end.

Formulaic Jack Reacher, but they’re great to read, and a welcome distraction to social media.

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